Holiday Farm

Montegonfoli has a very long history, begun more than four hundred years ago. Built in the seventeenth century and supported by a flourishing agricultural activity ,remained unchanged until our days, the farm has been converted in an “Agriturismo“. Tourists coming from every part of the world, allowed us not to abandon our passion and tradition.

Thanks to the touristic activity we were able to give new energy to the agricultural industry. Apart from the sowing cultivations, as wheat, sunflower, colza, we can dedicate ourselves to more than 800 olive trees to produce an excellent oil, and to four hectares of vineyard which produce excellent grapes, among which the very precious Vernaccia of San Gimignano from which the famous wine is produced, also known as “The Popes’ wine“; first wine to obtain the doc certification in 1966.

San Gimignano

is a medieval village perfectly preserved, since the ancient Etruscan origins. The period of maximum brightness however was in the Middle Age. Thanks to a strategic position on the Via Francigena, its local products, among which Vernaccia and Saffron, were required on the Italian and international markets.

The blooming economy allowed the affirmation of a rich urban aristocracy, that used to express its power building the famous towers, which during the fourteenth century were 72. After the plague of 1348 and the shortage of the 1351 the political town degradation began, even tough there were many artists who kept on creating their works of art up to the 17th Century. In the XIX century the unbelievable value represented by the town started to be appreciated, than in 1929 was submitted to monumental constraint. In 1990, the UNESCO declared it humanity’s property.

Today there are many reasons to visit San Gimignano. It is an extremely romantic town loved by adults and children, especially for those coming from big and modern cities. Every one can feel the sensation of being in a fairy tale. A part from the architecture and the urbanism, it is possible to visit a series of remarkable Museums, among which we suggest the Municipal Building, the Art Gallery and Big Tower (the tallest one), the Archaeological Museum (Etruscan, Roman and Medieval finds),the spices store of Santa Fina (medieval pharmacy museum), contemporary art, the Ornithological Museum and the very famous museum of Medieval Torture.

Street festivals are numerous and extremely remarkable with historical demonstrations as in the “Harvest festival” of June, that is developed in the streets, with vintage stalls and the show of actors and archers , ballad-singers and the riders’ parade, all dressed with medieval customs. For a detailed list with all the events we advise to visit the site of San Gimignano Council. From where it is possible to find more precise information about everything concerning this fantastic town.