As uninterrupted millenary tradition, our company is pursuing a passion for the work of the fields. The passion and experience of the millennia, born succulent and genuine products.

olioOil: The more than 800 olive trees that produce olives are processed into olive oil by cold pressing; raw materials and traditional method ensure absolute quality and a taste that you will never find in the supermarket.

Grapes and Wine: The rows of four hectares of vineyards, with the help of the roughvino-vernaccia clay soil and ideal climate, produce excellent grapes, including Vernaccia di San Gimignano, from which comes the eponymous wine, known as Wine of the Popes. About this wine, of ancient origin, speaks Dante Alighieri in his Divine Comedy, Purgatorio when in comes to Martin IV, known for his weakness to the Vernaccia di San Gimignano. In the coming years, however, many will be the famous admirers of this wine, including Pope Paul III, and Lorenzo the Magnificent (of which there are written requests to the City of San Gimignano).



Respect for nature begins by respecting traditions. Ancient customs such as crop rotation and the “green manure”, allow us to greatly reduce the impact of our activities on the territory. The rotation allows us to improve soil fertility without the use of chemical fertilizers and helps to interrupt the life cycle of organisms harmful to crops, naturally. Green manure, which is the burial of legume crops, increases the soil organic matter and maintain a high level of nitrate nitrogen in the soil, through “Nitrogen Fixing”. Legumes in fact are the only plants to absorb atmospheric nitrogen, and moved through the green manure nitrogen from the atmosphere to the ground. In the latter, made fertile by natural practices, sow wheat, sunflowers and canola. Voluntarily discard crops that require large water supply and chemical interventions.